A message from Q Squash LTD on the QJC 2020:
I hope that you are keeping as well as is possible in these difficult times.
I am writing to announce the cancellation of this year's QJC that was to be held in Cairns, from June 28th to July 5th 2020. I am sure that this is somewhat expected news, the COVID-19 virus has forced the closure of our centres for the next months, and has completely stopped our sport from being played. 
The Q Squash Board has decided to cancel the QJC immediately. We welcome any questions to be directed to [email protected], however we would like everyone to know that the Board will be discussing the following two matters and releasing more information in due course. 
1) The QJC 2021 host region 
2) The QLD Sharks Team selection process for AJC 2020 (should this tournament still happen)
Sending my very best to you all.
Kind regards,
Colette Sultana  
Q Squash LTD

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